Simplifying Commercial Refrigeration.


South Central Services enables business owners to save money over the lifespan of their equipment through proper installation and preventative maintenance while adding revenue from refrigerated food and beverage sales. We help food service, hospitality and other businesses including:
  • Grocery stores
  • Butcher shops
  • Gas stations
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants & Breweries
  • Orchards
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Schools
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Municipal Buildings


  • Walk-in coolers
  • Walk-in freezers
  • Refrigerated display cases/coolers
  • Ice machines
  • HVAC systems
  • And more!


  • Keeps your equipment from breaking down and losing valuable products
  • Lowers ownership costs across the lifespan of your equipment
  • Reduces service calls by using only quality equipment and pieces
  • Proper diagnostics keep everything in tip-top shape


  • Find the equipment that best suits your needs and budget
  • Install, replace and upgrade your existing refrigeration equipment
  • Meet the growing demand for packaged food/beverages and all-natural/organic products
  • Attract customers to brick-and-mortar locations with refrigerated food and drinks
  • Emphasize customer satisfaction in both in display aesthetics and food quality
  • Benefit from energy-efficient and “green” refrigeration solutions

Marlin Capital Solutions - Equipment Financing

Special Financing

Up to $150,000 special financing available

Accepts applications for startups (<2 years old)

Real-time application tracking

Our customers have saved as much as 30% on service costs per year.

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