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From our clean and tidy installations through our quick, accurate and efficient repairs, South Central Services is committed to reducing the ownership costs and the stress of owning, running and maintaining commercial refrigeration systems.


Whether your walk-in cooler or HVAC system is an expense or an investment depends on who you hire to install it and maintain it during the equipment’s lifespan. South Central Services simplifies and maintains commercial refrigeration systems so the only headaches associated with our solutions will be your customers’ ice cream headaches. We value long-term relationships with business owners, and we reduce their costs (sometimes by as much as 30% per year!) and maximize their ROI through preventative maintenance over the lifespan of the equipment. Quality refrigeration isn’t optional, but everything after that is up to you.

Simplifying commercial refrigeration.


South Central Service’s commercial installations include walk-in coolers, refrigeration systems/controls, refrigerated display cases/doors, ice machines and HVAC systems. We enable restaurant, grocery, hospitality, convenience and retail business owners to better serve their customers and benefit from the added revenue derived from offering refrigerated food and beverages. Our clients include local/independent businesses as well as franchise locations of national chains within our service territory. We rely on equipment and components from the finest brands and manufacturers.


Maintain more energy-efficient systems to save you money.
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Preventive Maintenance

Proactively prevent problems and minimize downtime.
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Upgrade and install equipment with minimal customer disruption.
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Find you the exact product to suit your needs and budget.
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Walk-In Coolers

A walk-in cooler is ideal for large commercial kitchens who are in need of high-volume storage space. Walk-in freezers are ideal for any company in need for frozen bulk storage

Ice Machines

South Central Services are the area’s preferred experts for installing and maintaining Manitowoc Ice machines. We can help with your hotel, beverage, undercounter or modular ice dispensers.

Refrigeration Controls

We can work on mechanical compression, absorption refrigeration, evaporative cooling and thermoelectric cooling systems as well as find solutions to your every refrigeration need.

Display Cases

Show off your wares for customers with display cases that protect and keep your goods cold. We service, repair and install for convenience stores, delis, breweries, grocery stores and more.

Working With Us

The team works quickly and efficiently on-site and explains every detail of the installation process in simple terms. After years of  maintaining customer equipment, we pride ourselves in cutting costs  considerably in the long run. We strive to be transparent with all of our clients so that they can be confident in our work.

Servicing All Brands

South Central Services are a great, dependable team. They are always quick to respond to maintenance calls and are always very courteous people.
Barry Kline
Klines Grocery
The guys at South Central Services not only helped us source all of our refrigeration needs for our Coffee Shop, but they installed and now service that equipment too. They provided exceptional service through out the entire proces and are very knowledgeable in their field. Highly recommend!
Josh Richer
Pure & Simple Cafe
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